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''For me going to a Ministry and Business School meant learning Ministry Leadership, Business Skills, Creative and Innovative thinking to solve social problems through a strategic and disciplined way that brings out a powerful social impact possessing successful life changing stories. Ministry and Business skills training caused me to fall in love with Christian Ministry, Entrepreneurship and social sector development as I am always interested in looking for ways to solve problems that affects our communities especially in the areas of poverty, Health, and Education."

Through the brand names 'THE EPIC ENTREPRENEUR', TEC4CODEV PROJECT, and AFYA ELIMU, I work with Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs, Social clubs/groups, Community based NGO's and other social welfare and community development affiliates to help start ventures, build programs/projects that improve the quality of life and empower sustainable community development. Working in the areas of social entrepreneurship, Community Welfare & Education, Family empowerment, Health care & Diseases, Advocacy, Research & Policy, Poverty reduction, and many other more areas, I help by providing consultancy and training services that meet their needs to Scalability, sustainability, and development.

I'm passionate about using my skills as an entrepreneur, Social sector consultant, and strategist (not to mention connector and evangelist) to increase the visibility and impact of nonprofits.

As my work is dedicated to working and consulting for personal and institutional development, I help community based entrepreneurs and NGOs grow faster by providing management consultancy and organizational development support to Entrepreneurs, managers and Trustees of small to medium sized community businesses and charities. I bring passion, energy and enthusiasm to developing organizational effectiveness through involving people and inspiring them at work.

Working in the areas of strategic Management to marketing, strategic planning to execution, Fundraising, Project planning, Patient and Volunteer Management and many other areas as illustrated on my Services Page. I help entrepreneurs and community organization leaders learn and use digital marketing to achieve business goals such as raise brand awareness, increase search engine visibility or increase lead generation.

I really enjoy the challenge and variety of my consultancy work. Using my experience and skill to help entrepreneurs and smaller charities, to be able to bring problem solving and creative solutions is a great privilege. To see managers and staff encouraged and re-invigorated is profoundly rewarding.
From my objective position, I bring external critique; from my experience, I bring support, encouragement and guidance. I have an informal and approachable style that is person-focussed. 
I also have a small network of associates upon whom I can call for additional capacity or skills and I am very comfortable referring on to others who may be better placed to help.

My ultimate goal is to use my God-given gifts and creativity to inspire people and change lives. 



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To make it even easier to reach me, I have provided you with phone numbers and e-mail information allowing you to reach me faster than ever. I am always open and ready to help you with anything that you might need!Give me a call, send a general message, or tell me about a project you would like me to help with.


P.O.Box 184 Sanya Juu - Siha, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


+255789155662, +255632991894