An Information and communication technology capacity building initiative for Community Based NGO, Philanthropists, and Social Entrepreneurs.

While access to Technology is indeed expanding rapidly and dynamically on a market-driven basis, many areas particularly rural and poor urban often remain under served. It is widely acknowledged that effective technological tools, knowledge and skills are in short supply at local level. I believe that where access to Technology knowledge and skills is available, it helps to stimulate investment, growth and development in the community.

Community based entrepreneur, Philanthropists and organizations (CBO's) are very important for the growth and welfare of the community at a local level especially in improving the lives of residents through means of improving community health, education, shelter, economic growth, nutrition, and so many other areas in community development. With the day to day rapid innovation in technology we have every reason to believe that the Community Based Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Organization are facing a great challenge in the areas of growth and development due to lack of effective communication and technology utilization for effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability. Technology is increasingly becoming more and more important to community level entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and CBOs and in order for them to stay in the loop, be efficient, and effective in all they are trying to achieve, there is great need for technology knowledge and skills, and via that it should also be clear that there is a great need for someone to help them keep up the pace with every new innovation in technology, something that will easy up their work process.

The TEC4CODEV project is a community based project that aims at building capacity through technology training for the community based entrepreneur, Philanthropist and organisations (CBOs) especially in the area of using technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery, growth and sustainable development.

The project is designed to discover technology needs for the entrepreneur, philanthropist and CBO and organize training sessions and sometimes the required technology tools to meet their objectives. Once the technology need has been discovered, TEC4CODEV provides training to both the community based entrepreneur and CBO on how to use simple technology to power up their businesses and organizations goals.

Through Capacity building activities and materials developments we believe that we can empower the community based entrepreneur, philanthropist and CBO achieve more in their mission. The project believes in establishing national pools of resources and expertises and linking to experience and expertise elsewhere, through information sharing, peer to-peer support, study visits, building networks and so forth.

The technology development landscape is continuously evolving not only in terms of market dynamics and technology opportunities, but also in terms of permitting new approaches to meeting the development and communication needs of the poor and underserved communities and therefore TEC4CODEV is here to ensure that the Community Based Entrepreneur, philanthropist & CBOs is technologically equipped and competent in today’s century.

We believe in the power of using technology to solve complex social challenges in the community and we are dedicated to ensuring that community based entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and CBOs have access to the skills and knowledge and the technological means to comprehend those challenges and bring about sustainable community development both on local and national level.

Thank you for considering donating to Tec4codev Project! Your support helps empower the Tec4codev project transform their lives.  If you wish to donate to the project please note that at the moment we only receive donations of items and not money. Items you might donate to the project for empowerment might include items that empowers us to accomplish our training and workshops for the community. Such items might include but not limited to Flipcharts, Folders, Markers, Pens, Teaching Aids, Laptops, Printers/Scanner, Projectors, Projection Screen, Tape or DVD player, Cameras, Whistle or stopwatch, blank transparencies, Notepads and so much that we could use in our workshops and trainings. Request more info

Want to give your time, talent, and skills? Volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with the Tec4codev Project and its participants. Have a chance to work in a friendly team, to make new friends and meet a diverse group of people in the process of making a change to the community. You can request more info on how you can volunteer to the project by contacting us.


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