This is a project that helps community based entrepreneurs build their dreams and become champions through story telling and sharing...

You have started a project, but don’t have sufficient funds for scalability, let us share your story and let your story connect you to someone who is willing to help you reach dream....

Helping entrepreneur share their story to connect them to the world

The Epic Entrepreneurship project is committed to the goal of eliminating poverty and strengthening the country’s economy through the process of sharing stories from our community based entrepreneurs with the global community, with the intention of connecting community based entrepreneurs with potential lenders. We know that investors don’t always line up to give out free grants, but we believe that our Stories help connect lenders and community based entrepreneurs together. We believe that there are people out there who are willing and ready to invest in community projects and provide financial support to local entrepreneurs.

Since loans managed by local intermediary organizations charge exorbitant interest rates to the entrepreneurs to cover their own administrative costs. Lower cost means entrepreneurs keep more of their earnings. This is why we are determined to sharing entrepreneurial stories that connect community based entrepreneurs to potential lenders, people who will understand them more, and understand what they are trying to achieve. We envision a poverty free world, and we believe that this can be achieved through promoting local entrepreneurship programs.

The Epic Entrepreneur Project is also designed to work with partner organizations to support inventors and entrepreneurs building innovative businesses that address social challenges faced in our local communities.

We look for a founder or team that is passionate and committed.


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