I am always working toward identifying emerging social issues and speak out on behalf of those who need help. It’s vital to connect those who can provide help to those in need as a means of responding quickly to their needs and providing new or enhanced services to give them the best possible support to realise their potential. I work closely with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and local community organisation in solving social problems by understanding their interests and helping them achive their goals, Here is the best place to look for leadership and expertise to transform strategies into reality for largest, most complex initiatives.

I collaborate with both private and public service practitioners, For-profit & the Community based Not-for-Profit entities, designers and researchers working with people who use and deliver social services, in order to develop life changing solutions to social challenges, helping entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and community based organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow. I believe that there is a need to identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviours, and desires. The main objective of the consulting services I provide is to deliver impact in the social sector for a better future.

Specifically targeting the areas of Social Sector Programming, Management, Marketing, and Leadership consulting services to help organizations improve performance and efficiency. My main goal being to analyzes businesses/organisations and create solutions that can be scaled, replicated, and sustained while helping you meet your goals and solving community problems.

Here are the areas of my expertise and services when it comes to consultancy,

1. Strategic & Impacting Leadership
2. Social Entrepreneurship
3. Capacity Building
4. Scaling Social Impact
6. Execution & Assessment
7. Technology For successful results
8. Human Centered Design
9. Successful Fundraising
10. Management for a competitive edge
11. Innovation for powerful outcome
12. Patient & Volunteer management
13. Contract and project Management
14. Strategic Marketing & Management
15. Business Proposal & Planning
16. Social Sector Development
17. Policy development & Advocacy.
18. Reproductive Health Programming
19. Budgets & Action Planning
20. Human Resource Planning


I am also involved in providing the best professional fast and easy web hosting and domain name registrations consulting services for charities and social enterprises. Whether you need web design services or hosting services I can help you with picking the right company that will benefit you putting your budget in mind.


Not only do I do web hosting and domain name registration consultation I am a professional web design, internet marketing and graphic design professional who helps Organisations and start-up etreprises gain the exposure they need to succeed. I can help your organisation/business with Graphic & Web Design services for all their Marketing needs. From Business logos, brochures, business cards, letterheads, flyers, tabloids, book covers, web graphics I can help you get the best service and the expertie you need in the field to help you organisation grow.


With partnership from other stakeholders, I also delivers effective training services both to the employers and the employees on various topics that matters to the success of an organisation and community projects. With other partners we know how to use any type of training to create a custom solution that addresses your organisation's goals and objectives. Covering areas such as Technical Training, Skills Training, Soft Skills Training, Leadership Training, Product training , Management Training , System Training, Marketing and sales training, Entrepreneurship training, Staff training, Board training, Volunteer training, & Coaching.


I have come to believe that with the world growing so fast social-wise, economic-wise, and technological-wise, marketing is no longer about the stuff we sell, but the stories we tell, to why I am determined to hep you with strategic marketing solutions, partnering with you to tell your story whether it’s a goods marketing or services marketing, I can help you tell you strory through Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Search Analytics & Reporting, Fairs & Tradeshows, Web UX Services, Event planning & Management, Customer Relationship Management.


Your business needs copy, for everything from the website pages that drive sales, to the blog posts that engage customers on social media. As a qualified and approved copywriter I deliver quick, quality content written. I make it fast and easy to get great content written, content that truly comprehend what you want to say before I even start to write.

1. Website content
2. Blog content
3. ad copies and sales letters
4. Cover letters & Cvs
5. Business documents
6. Brand Copy Guidelines
7. Company Names, Slogans & Taglines
8. Websites & Landing Pages
9. Marketing Brochures & Leaflets
10. Direct-Response Sales Emails & Letters

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P.O.Box 184 Sanya Juu - Siha, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


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