See Why You Need to Evangelize Your Non-Profit Storytelling by Getting Others Involved

Should you be the only one telling your organization’s story?

Well, when it comes to storytelling for your organization, you might think that you are the only perfect candidate for the business of storytelling; however, the good news is, you don’t have to be the only one. There are so many other people who can help you share the story, and letting those people help you will empower you to live a stress free life.

I have come across so many founder’s and co-founders who believe that their main job is to tell their organization’s story, they believe that they are the only ones who see the vision clearly. However, this is not always true, even though a number of them can tell the story, there are others within and outside the organization who can play a role in the process of storytelling, and it includes people such as your employees and those who interacts with the products or services you have to offer (Service users), as well as volunteers and the mass media.

Sometimes, the best way to connect and build trust with your audience is through the stories that are told by others who have come into contact with your organization. People want to hear stories from peoples who they can relate to, that’s why it’s crucial to understand that you don’t have to do the storytelling on your own. You need to let others involved within your organization emotionally connect with others who they can relate with, those whom you want to be a part of your organization now, and for the rest of their lives.

The best way to share your organizational story is to empower and let others be a part of that story telling movement. It takes all the voices in your organization to tell your story. Don't be the only one who goes around telling the story of your organization. All you have to do is ensure that everyone interacting with your organization understands why your organization exists and why it should continue to exist.

Train everyone to tell your organization’s story, take the time to turn them into storytelling evangelists, once you’ve done this, you won’t have to carry the load on your own. Storytelling is the antidote to complacency, so get people excited about telling your organizations story.

Most successful organizations say they got where they are today by first taking the time to identify their core reason for existence and shared that vision through consistent, emotional storytelling with others who went on to share their story. The best thing about Stories share beliefs, not product information. They help understand, rather than sell. They teach us lessons. And a great story stays with us.

What about those who use your service or product? Be it a product or service user, letting people share their own stories about their experience with your organization is so much more powerful than having someone else writing an article or a member of the organization discussing the issues.

Stories told by others can help you grow your audience. You can’t relate to everyone, but someone else can help you relate to those whom you can’t relate with. Learn to let others help you tell the story in their area of expertise. Whether be it children or adults, all of us everywhere can use the magic of story to find aspects of ourselves in others, and of others in ourselves.

Let people help you share the story of your organization.

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