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Don’t we all desire to build an effective team as leaders in our businesses and Ministries! Yes we do, don’t we? But how do we know that the team we’ve build is an effective one? Let’s take a look at the fruits your team will bare if built on the right kind of mentality. 

Whether in Business or Ministry, having an effect team is very important, however it takes time and energy to build it, but at the end of the day hard work pays off. So let’s jot down some of the characteristics an effective team is to posses:

  1. A great and effective team will always have a shared mentality that strives for the bigger picture at hand.
  2. An effective team always comes back to what the vision and mission is.
  3. Effective teams are not moved by issues; instead they move issues with their mission emphasis.
  4. Effective team does not make decisions based on the whines and knee jerk reactions of a few loud people.
  5. An effective team is not afraid of disagreement among team members.
  6. An effective team is not afraid of paying the price for a better successful end.
  7. An effective team leads teams.
  8. An effective team takes time in the interest of each member in the team.
  9. An effective team takes time plan for the future.
  10. An effective team always looks for ways to improve communication.

Those are just some of the characteristics an effective team has to possess. If you are a team leader, examine and see if your team falls within the above characteristics, if they don’t, it’s time to shake things up a little bit and start building an effective team. If you desire success you must also desire to have an effective team, because without an effective team it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals. 

I hope this piece of advice will help you and your team strive for the best. 

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